Cowboy Ty

Cowboy kind of fun

One summer afternoon not to long back me and my buddy RC. were settin in the Cristal bar in Alpine Texas  injoyin a few cold beers and telling some true Texas stories(commonly refered to as a lie) and just injoyin our own company.

The bar wasn’t to crowded when we got there, but that didn’t last long. About an hour into our drinkin,¬† a good friend and vaquero came in an sat next to us an ordered an ice cold refreshing beverage. After we’d had us about 8 or 10 cocktails, some cowboys from off another spread came in.

Now it was plane to us right off that these cowboys weren’t as cultured as us, cause they just didn’t seem to know how to behave in town. This one ol cowboy went out to his truck an got his lariat an started ropin every thing in the bar. He roped all the furniture, the stove and the bar maid. When he got tired of that stuff, he started ropin his cowboy pals. Me and Rc. were watchin all the goings on with much amusement, when our vaquero friend leaned over an said ” if that ol boy throws that rope at me, I’m gonna kick his ass”.

Well i guess the ol boy herd him cause the next thing he roped was our pal. So, being a cowboy of his word our pal ask him if he would like to try some of him on outside, and not to be put down, the ropin cowboy went right along with him out back.

We herd the dangdest commotion outside, and after about half a beers time them two ol boys came back in an our pal sat down, with a bloody face and a tore up shirt, ordered a beer an didn’t say a word. The other cowboy just kept on ropin every thing in sight.

My buddy RC. leaned over an said, you know if you had a few more beers in you, i think you could have takin him. Well that gave our pal enough courage to try that ol cowboy on one more time. This time he came back in without a shirt an bleedin a lot worst.

The rest of the night we just sat there an watched that cowboy rope what ever he wanted.

The moral of this story is, that some stories don’t have a morel, there just fun stories to tell and to listen to.



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