Cowboy Ty

Meet Ty Mitchell

Hello, My name is Ty Mitchell

mighty hot

I’m a Texas cowboy:

I was born in the summer of 1965.

I can’t remember a time when cowboy’n wasn’t on my mind. I think i was born with it on my mind and in my hart. My grandfather used to tell me, when he was a young man there wasn’t a horse he couldn’t fan, and by God he was right.

One of the things i have always admired about cowboys, is that i never once met a cowboy that didn’t want to be the best cowboy there ever was. No cowboy ever said, i just want to be a half assed cowboy. Only the best is good enough for a cowboy. If a cowboy makes a mistake, trust me, you can’t kick him in the seat of his britches any harder than he’s kicking himself.

I have a small house in Marfa TX. that i love, but it’s the ranch where i feel the most at home. The ranch is on the Rio Grande river, or the Rio Bravo as it is called down here on the border. To get to the ranch, get you a Texas map, follow the river road west out of presidio all the way to were the map ends in a small border town called candelaria, put your truck in four wheel drive and keep driving down a dirt road across four creeks,go twenty five miles, slam on your breaks and you’ll be at head quarters.