The Actor

Ty Mitchell earned a SAG card in 2008 with his debut film role in "The Dry Land". Last year he appeared in the Fry's Boots catalog, posing alongside professional models in downtown Marfa, and he most recently appeared in the Coen Brother's remake of "True Grit". Ty pursues acting and modeling roles, the consummate cowboy - taking 'em as they come. View Ty's resume.

The Cowboy

Ty continues to be a working cowboy. He spends most his time along the Rio Grande in the southern portion of Presidio County, just below the rim rock of the Marfa Plateau. In addition to punching cattle, he leads horseback tours across the ranch during which he prepares traditional chuckwagon meals cowboy-style. Learn more about visiting the Ranch with Ty.

The Storyteller

There isn't better company around a campfire than Ty. Spinning tales in the traditional cowboy manner, he tends to entertain all he comes to meet, from fellow cowboy to Marfa tourist. This blog is meant to be a way to get those stories out into the world. We hope you enjoy it. Read the blog.